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IndieVerse Projects

Starting in November of 2021 with experimental VR projects, IndieVerse team has come a long way. From building thrilling MMO RPG games to providing customised solutions for big tech companies, our community have explored the depths of VR/AR world. 

These are some of the live projects built by our community. Feel free to drop by an experience them yourself!


NPCI Future City

Designed and developed an entire city with gamification to showcase the futuristic payment capacities of NPCI. Understanding what the future will look like while exploring hidden coins throughout the space. This experience was built to be showcased at the Global Fintech Fest.


NPCI Hogwarts Castle

Hogwarts-styled employee onboarding portal for NPCI. Integrated with module completion and department allocation database


Real Estate Virtual Tour

An Unreal engine based 3d tour of a residential estate, with interactive elements and colour options


Diamond Plaza

Virtual Diamond Mall with multiple booths. Explore the quality of diamonds online, check certification and place bids.


Future Restaurant

A dine-in restaurant experience visualization with robot NPCs and QR payments functionality.


Drive -in Theatre

Open air movie theatre with car parking and FASTag integrated for ticket payment


Metaverse Marketplace

Futuristic open-air marketplace with VR exploration, multiple shops, and a complete shopping experience

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